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The Personal Futures Workbook


It's YOUR Future...

Un Taller de Futuros Personales

Traduccion por Dra. Guillermina Baena Paz y Alethia Berenice Montero
el Personal Futures Workbook en Espanol.

¿Qué puedes esperar sobre el estudio de tu futuro?
El enfoque que está en este Libro de trabajo consiste en tres pasos:
     1. Construir una base de información sobre tu vida
     2. Con esa información exploras tu futuro con escenarios
     3. Desde esos escenarios, desarrollas una visión, estrategias y planes de acción para tu futuro. 


水 田 和 生   訳

    1 自分の人生についての情報の枠組みを構築する。
    2 その情報の枠組みから、シナリオを書きキミの未来を探査する。
    3 そのシナリオから、ビジョンを描き、キミの未来についての

Dein Personaliches Arbeitsbuch fur Deine Xukunft

Ubersetzt von Mady Host und Cornelia Reinhold.

Was solltest du von deinem Zukunftsstudium erwarten können? Der Ansatz, den du mit diesem Arbeitsbuch unternimmst, besteht aus drei Schritten:
1. Schaffe einen Rahmen mit Informationen über dein Leben.
2. Entwickle deine Zukunftsszenarien mithilfe der Informationen aus diesem Rahmen.
3. Entwickle mithilfe der Szenarien eine Vision, Strategien und Aktionspläne für deine Zukunft.

Uluhlu Lwencwadi Yokufundisa nge Kamva Lomntu

Iguqulelwe esiXhoseni ngu Mphathi Nyewe
Inqubo yoku sebenzisa le ncwadana ilandela amanyathelo amathathu;
   1. Yakha umqulu ngolwazi nee ncukacha ngo bomi bakho.
   2. Sebenzisa lomqulu une zincukacha, uhlolahlole ikamva lakho ngamaphupha ahlukeneyo acombulula imbali ye kamva lakho.
   3. Kule ntlola yamaphupha ekamva, zakhele umbono, izicwangciso zobu chule kwa nezenzo eziyaku fezekisa lo maphupha.

The Small Business Foresight Workbook

The Small Business Foresight Workbook will guide you and your business into the long-term future, ten years or more from now. You will find worksheets that will lead you step-by-step through the methods used by large businesses around the world to explore and plan for the futures of their organizations.

 Personal Futures: Foresight and Futures Studies for Individuals (a dissertation)

If you want to read about the research that led to the development of concepts about personal futures, you are welcome to a copy of my dissertation. The first chapter summarizes the dissertation and results, the second chapter offers a foundation in futures studies literature and the sixth chapter details the conclusions from the research. A copy of the original workbook is in the appendix, and a bibliography of all the cited publications is included.

Strategies for a Very Long Life

You may very well live to 100 or more. If you're young now, it could be lots more. This article, Strategies for a Very long Life, may be helpful as you consider your personal future.
People are already living longer, healthier lives, but what will you do with all those extra years of life? This article will give you some ideas to think about.

The Power of the Long Term Perspective

A long-term perspective is a critical component of leadership, a component that has the power to differentiate between leaders. Contrary to earlier belief, long term thinking can be learned, and the personal futuring system is an effective way to acquire a long term perspective. Personal futuring is a system composed of the methods of foresight and futures studies that have been scaled down and organized into a logical sequence; a system that individuals can learn and use. In that learning process, it is common to acquire a new perspective, a new way of thinking; a long-term perspective.

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