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Four Scenarios

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Using information from the personal information that you have already created, fill in a copy of the worksheet below with events that fit within each scenario type. Obviously, these spaces are too small to work in, but you can download the Personal Futures Workbook and enter your information directly into the worksheet.

Remember the graphs on the personal domains page? The upper line for each of your domains provides the data for your "Best Plausible" scenario. The bottom lines of the cones provide data for the "Worst Plausible" scenario.

Creating plausible futures 


Continuation of   the present

Best Plausible Scenario

"Wild Card" Scenario

Worst Plausibe Scenario













As you add information into each scenario column, you will see the four scenarios starting to take shape, but it is important that you remember that the worksheet is only a collection of information, the skeletons of your four scenarios.

The main differences between your scenarios should be in the driving forces. Decide which domains or forces will be dominant during your next life stage, then vary those forces to change the scenarios. For example, if you expect your career to dominate this stage, use the upper line you drew when you extrapolated your Activities domain into your future on the Personal Domains page. The upper line is where everything goes right. That gives you the logics for your "Best Plausible" scenario. Use the lower line for your "Worst Plausible" scenario.

Once you have filled in the data for each scenario, it is very important to see how that information fits together. To get a better picture of the future, you will need to view each scenario as a whole, as a story.

Write out a narrative-

From the information you have developed, write a story for each scenario about your life near the end of this future life stage. Spend some time and use your imagination to make each story fit together in a logical manner. Keep in mind that what your are doing  is making educated guesses about the future, and, by creating a narrative you are developing an understanding of what must happen to make your scenario work.

As you proceed into the future, you will see signals as to which scenarios will or will not come about. That should give you time to adjust and prepare for the future that is actually unfolding. After completing your scenarios, go on to the next page Strategic Planning to develop strategies and plans for your future. This is where you will learn how to achieve your preferred future and to deal the events that may occur in your life.

The Personal Futures Workbook is available as a FREE download on the "Downloads" page.

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