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Personal Futures

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An Overview

What is a personal future? As we look at personal futures here, they are explorations of the future of one individual, you, and only the futures that directly involve you and your family.

The approach we will take consists of three steps:

   (1)-Build a framework of information about your life. 

   (2)-From the information in the framework, explore your plausible futures with

   (3)-From the scenarios, develop a vision of your future, devise strategies to
achieve your vision and make action plans for your future.

In exploring your future, you will use the same methods that have been practiced by futurists for decades, all over the world. At the end of this process, you should have an overview and a vision of your life, specific plans for the next stage of life, and contingency plans to deal with changes.

Following is a more detailed outline of these three steps in learning about your future.

  • Personal Research
    Life stages 
    Personal domains 
    Life events 
    Your personal values                                                                                                                                                                                  
    SWOT-Your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Personal Scenarios
     Develop a scenario matrix
     Examine the forces and the logics in your life
     Create multiple scenarios
  • Personal Strategic Planning
     Create a vision of your future
     Develop strategies
     Develop action plans
     Develop contingency plans
  • And the final step....LIVE YOUR PLAN!

Personal research is simply a matter of collecting and organizing information about your life. Pages on this site will guide you through the process, which will focus on fourspecific areas of life that provide some clues about your future. They include:


  • Life Stages- ten stages of life that provide images of your future, indicate important change points in life and provide time frames for planning.
  • Personal Domains- six areas of life that represent the forces that move through our lives, any one of which can be a driving force that dominates life for a period of time.
  • Life Events- the events in life that can be anticipated, both for probability of occurence and for impact on your life.
  • Personal values-recognize the values that guide your life
  • SWOT- identify and recognize your strengths and weaknesses, then explore opportunities and threats.


You will find separate pages on this site for each of these  areas of research, including some worksheets. You may copy these worksheets into your word processor or you can go to the "Downloads" page and download the Personal Futures Workbook (free PDF).

The next page, Life Stages will describe ten stages of life, a brief image of each stage and the very important changes that take place as you move from one stage to the next.

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The Personal Futures Workbook is available as a FREE download on the "Downloads" page.